Rates & Services

Service Type Cut-Off Time Base Price
(0-10 KM)
Same Day by 5PM 11.30AM $8.75
4 Hours 1PM $10.75
3 Hours 2PM $12.75
2 Hours 3PM $14.75
90 Minutes 3.30PM $18.75
After Hours 6.30PM $22.75
Next Day by 10.30AM 11.59PM $17.75
Next Day by 11.30AM 11.59PM $11.75
Next Day by 2 PM 11.59PM $9.75
Next Day by 5PM 11.59PM $7.00

Prices are calculated based on distance from Pickup and Delivery postal codes using Google Map. After 10th KM, additional charges will be applied based on service type. 1st Pound is Free, 15 cents for Additional pound. $10 Additional for Van. $20 Additional for Cargo/Cube Truck. Prices are subject to change without notice.


We deliver within the GTA and its surrounding areas. But we don’t stop there! Call us to get a quote on deliveries outside of the GTA and cross-border.