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1Courier FAQs
What are 1Courier’s hours of operation?

We are open from 8:00am - 9:00pm Monday to Friday. We also have weekend dispatchers available from 11am to 5pm.

Can I place orders after hours?

Orders can be placed online after 9pm; however these orders will not be processed until our next business day.

How can I set up an account?

1Courier offers two types of accounts to their clients:

  1. An un damaged account where the client can create an account through the 1courier.com site and start using it right away.
  2. The other type of account is a “Managed Account”. Please contact our sales department in order to further discuss the benefits of opening managed accounts at [email protected] or 416-855-PICK (7425)

Is my personal information secured?

1Courier ensures the protection of all personal information and transactions through our 256 bit SSL encryption model. 1Courier does not save cookies nor do we sell personal information to any third parties.

What is a 1Courier community driver?

Any approved 1Courier driver who operates locally within 1Courier’s greater area of operation is known as a community driver. How can 1Courier ensure the quality of its drivers and maintain excellent customer experiences? Each driver is validated using face to face interviews, validating driver license/driver abstract, proof of residence, references and criminal background check. Customers are sent an order confirmation with the name and photo of the driver. After each interaction with a courier, an email is sent to the customer to provide feedback on the quality of the service provided. Within which regions and/or distances is same day delivery possible? Our initial jurisdictions include Toronto (GTA), Pickering, Ajax, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, Niagara Falls, Cambridge, Windsor and Ottawa. Orders within 100KM are considered same day delivery within the above territories. Orders outside of our jurisdiction will not be accepted by our system and clients will be requested to contact dispatcher for further information.

How do you charge for the shipments?

1Courier charges base price for the first 10KM based on the type of service requested. Additional charges are calculated based on distance, weight, type of service, and the type of vehicle required for the service. Please contact our sales department for further rate information at [email protected] or 416-855-PICK (7425)

How can I request a POD (proof of delivery)?

An email delivery notification is sent to the client after completion of each order. The client can login to the customer account portal to view POD as well as the names/signatures of the shipper and receiver.

What services are available through my online account?

Many services are available online including opening accounts, placing orders, tracking orders real-time, paying for orders, obtaining price quotes, POD, viewing invoices, order history, digital waybill, creating and utilizing an address book.

What services cannot be completed through my online account?

Disputing orders, cancelling orders, making changes to orders cannot be done online. Client should contact dispatcher in order to make the necessary adjustments.

Where can I find my old orders online?

Every order’s history can be viewed online in customer side portal thru mobile app or desktop.

What happens if the shipper is not available at the pick-up location?

The driver will first call the customer to ensure they are not at the location. The driver will then wait a maximum of 10 minutes. If the customer is still not present, alternative arrangements will be made with the dispatcher and an extra charge will be added to the delivery bill.

Can I amend or cancel my delivery?

If any amendments need to be made to your order, including cancellations, then you must contact 1Courier Customer Service as soon as possible. The timing of the cancellation or nature of the amendment will determine if any additional charges are to be incurred by the customer.

What are the limits in weight, height, length, width for car, minivan, and cargo van?

Car's maximum weight is up to 150 pounds and the maximum dimensions in inches are 21L x 21w X 16H. Mini Van's maximum weight is up to 350 pounds and the maximum dimensions in inches are 80L x 36W x 36H. Cargo Van's maximum weight is up to 1000 pounds and the maximum dimensions in inches are 100L x 50W x 45H inches.

Can I ship dangerous/illegal goods on any service?

All delivery orders must be legal products, not in contradiction with any local, state, provincial, federal or international laws. 1Courier will not deliver any packages deemed illegal, and maintains the right to contact the proper authorities. Other non-deliverable products include dangerous goods or hazardous materials, firearms and live animals.

Can I ship unpacked items?

It is up to the client or agent responsible for shipping products to ensure that the product is properly packaged. 1Courier does not accept responsibility for any products damaged due to poor packaging by client or shipper. Furthermore, 1Courier reserves the right to refuse products they consider improperly packaged without liability to deliver package on time. Refunds will not be issued for improperly packaged products.

Can your couriers bring waybills?

1Courier’s focus on being eco-friendly is also reflected in our technology which allows us to be completely paperless. Customers can view their waybills anytime by logging into their customer portal.

What happens if the driver fails to deliver a package?

If the driver fails to deliver a package for what is considered an avoidable reason (forgot address, delivered to wrong address) then delivery will be free of charge. If the reason is considered unavoidable (extreme weather, car accident), then dispatcher will contact customer to alert them of such issues and alternate arrangements will be made.

Is my service type always guaranteed?

There are many factors beyond our control which limit us from being able to provide a guarantee for our delivery times including natural disasters or inclement weather, traffic and construction.

What if my package is lost or stolen?

It is up to the customer to retain a copy, image, or scan of any important documents being delivered by 1Courier. Liability for each package is limited to USD $100. Claim forms are available when completing delivery order with 1Courier.

What is the refund policy?

1Courier will investigate each instance on a case by case basis to determine if a refund is applicable. Any refunds will be returned to the credit card used to make payment.